• Nice video, what’s the music in the background?

  • It’s a remix of “gain” https://soundcloud.com/denkitribe/gain

  • Chris Hudson

    Great shots of the northern lights (Aurora Borealis if I’m not mistaken)!

  • Guye

    based in the title I thought this was going to be about an evacuated tube transport system or something

  • This is amazing! How did you get them to allow you setup your gear? Did you buy two seats? 🙂

  • Wojciech MusiaĹ‚kiewicz

    He could have been in first or business class – plenty of room there, depending on the aircraft you probably get a small table next to the window so I guess you could easily set up a tiny tripod.

  • mastef

    See 2:02 – extra seat and doesn’t look like business/first