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SF Remodel

Wanted to post some details on remodeling my small one bedroom place in San Francisco over the past year. Big thanks to the contractors Dan McCann and Elisha Mayost, interior designer Gina Guitierez, industrial re-use designer Brian Enright for custom metal and wood-working, and Eddy Joaquim for early plans […]


Drone Light Painting

The esteemed Nuzz came up with an idea to do light painting on a large scale with drones a about a year ago, and these are my attempts so far. The biggest next step will be to program in intricate flight paths and get […]

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How People Sit in Meetings and What it Really Means

Collaboration with illustrator bad-ass Matt Huynh who I’ve been trying to work with since our James Victore dinner series. Big thanks to Matt from ShowerHacks and my fellow Bookface compatriots who communicated meeting research for this – Chelsea, Kate, Tim, JZ, Barton, Gina, […]