How People Sit in Meetings and What it Really Means

Collaboration with illustrator bad-ass Matt Huynh who I’ve been trying to work with since our James Victore dinner series. Big thanks to Matt from ShowerHacks and my fellow Bookface compatriots who communicated meeting research for this – Chelsea, Kate, Tim, JZ, Barton, Gina, Eric Lefkofsky and Blaise. Starring Barry.

How People Sit in Meetings

Did I miss any? See how many you incorporate into one meeting. For more of this nonsense, check out the best survival knife What it Really Means series of posts on here, see some of my weird videos sorted by popularity, view the Instagram craziness, or just doowhachalike.

  • Arbor Vitae

    The multitasker (“That thoughtful look on my face does not concern what you said; I am trying to remember whether we need milk.”) Meeting Bear has “notes” with a grocery list on it. I am both of these (doodler and multitasker) and could not imagine attending a meeting otherwise. Great post!

  • Large chunks of illegible text, plus the occasional diagonal pen drag down the page as sleep completely overtakes them. I have entire notebooks full of this.

  • Ruth

    When Addicts level up far enough they gain the ability to touch-type snarky twitter messages on their laptop while making eye contact, smiling, and nodding at the speaker. You will pry my internet from my cold dead hands.

  • Travis

    Where’s “I have an iPad” person? Pulls out his/her iPad before the meeting starts, sets it up at an angle with the smartcover, checks some scores or news, tells you about what he/she’s looking at, and then occasionally swipes at it throughout the meeting.

  • Phil

    Hmm……I was once a “falling asleep” in meetings…….then I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and the Dr. asked if I was tired……..yep very tired, but now 6 months later, very much awake after treatment. Maybe ask your “sleeper” to get a check up.

  • More like Google Hangouts. Has Group Video and Screen Sharing, for free. Works fairly reliable.

  • Andreea

    Legs under me or the comfortable pose, yep that’s me 🙂 If I don’t have my computer with me that is 🙂

  • Farhana

    in their underwear.

  • Adamnels

    Sitting back, arms folded behind head. “You are either prey or sexual competition. Either way, ill most likely kill you in the morning.”

  • WOW

  • BlueJeansNetwork

    Hauntingly legit.

  • LlyD

    What about “the doodler” madly scribbling “kill me” in their sketchbook

  • I’m a 1930 unicorn & you are right; no one sits like that. Um, I’ve also been compared to Madmen’s January Jones. So, whatever.

  • Excellent! With Skype video chat I find it impossible to not be the 1930’s pupil example. It feels ruder to do other things during Skype than in a normal meeting because the camera is right on you.

  • BlueJeansNetwork

    Totally agree. When you’re on video, I think most folks are much more ‘well-behaved.’ The eye of the camera is on you.

  • it dusnt be like this in offis ware i gow. i finks barry bear shud werk in difrunt offis ware ee wud be preeshaytid for beein clevva .. @henryandfriends on twitta

  • I am at least 3 different characters in this representation 😀 Good work!

  • jessica

    this is great!

  • Clearly this calls for a followup… 🙂

  • doodles

    How about the person who scribbles/doodles ?? I am one of those 😛

  • Chad Cerda

    How about the heavy contributor who is leaning forward very intently and eventually takes over your meeting?

  • Chad Cerda

    Or not so discretely because I am just that rude.

  • Guest

    boardroom buzzword bingo

  • Ktg

    You forgot the REMOTE WORKER! Wearing very little or indecent clothing, a headset/earbuds, and either sitting on the patio, Starbucks, couch or bed listening to the meeting but not paying attention. 🙂

  • scott

    What about 6 hours from wasted? Too sober to miss the meeting, too drunk still to comprehend anything but “yeah, that sounds great.”

  • Robbie V

    You need the iPad only “I’m definitely playing games and pretending to be more mobile…”

  • Soooo funny!!

  • Jessica Barber

    Perfection. Though, in defense as a doodler, I’m crap a notes, but totally remember everything from a doodle. (Seriously, that’s how I got through college. No notes, just drawing.)

  • Alyssa Bickler

    Love it! Thanks!

  • Charles

    You also have the one that use his notebook to draw.
    Or the one writing jokes or draw dicks on his neighbour’s notebook

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  • Prabhat

    Nice 🙂

  • Hahahah niiiice!!

  • yo yo

    thank you. many thank yous.

  • Naureen Saira

    I’m in a meeting and seeing 5 of these positions….including me!

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  • Eudora

    What about pen fiddlers? Sometimes I sit in some meeetings and play with my pen,presssing and releasing the knob.

  • Kshama Nagaraja

    I agree, this should be included

  • Kshama Nagaraja

    Me too!

  • Kshama Nagaraja

    those of us who get called into a meeting although we are busy with another work assignment. So we’re just hammering away emails at our laptops. “I just don’t have any time to complete real work, or this meeting is complete b*||s#!t anyway”

  • would love to connect – we’re all about drawing…

  • Haha, well I did enjoy these but quite happy to stick to the more sedate ones…