Flying a Drone around The NY Public Library


Shot with the full cooperation of and their rad labs team. Seems like most likely the first drone ever flown inside the NY Public Library. If you haven’t been there, go.

Everyone in the video was involved in the shoot and lots of safety precautions were taken and no books were harmed in the making of this video. Shot with a DJI Phantom and both a Hero3 Black and an iPhone 5S. Slowed down with Twixtor in After Effects to make up for the glaring lack of a Gimbal.

Thanks to @msh for coming up with the idea, @riordan for touring us, and @meikd, @ryanchris, and @gab for helping out. So much semi-autonomous quadcopter technology happening right now. Pretty sweet that they are small enough to take into a place like this and open up a new way of capturing images. And this is just the beginning. Music was purchased with rights to distribute from the Vimeo music store.

a drone


  1. Chuck Minchew

    Beautifully done. Amazing images. Thanks to the whole team!

  2. William Donelson

    BBC uses this in production news now. Nice video, but the music masks noise of this device. Very misleading.

  3. NYC lover!

    Wow, I love it! It makes one see the library in a entirely new light, like a bird in flight. Very well done.

  4. Andrew

    Curious to know why no gimbal? Does it add to much weight? Would love to use this craft in landscape photography but concerned about weight and flight time issues.

  5. Nate Bolt

    Just haven’t purchased a gimbal yet – totally wish I had! Soon…

  6. spr8364

    Beautiful video, wondering about the soundtrack credits.

  7. Lila

    I really wanted this to be in hyper speed to Flight of the Bumble Bees, but I guess this’ll do.

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