The Digital Panopticon

In 1999 I created an art project as part of my “digital technology and marketing” degree at U.C. San Diego. The official Research Scholar program there allowed seniors to make presentations or papers based on their field of study, so I applied some of Foucault’s theories to the world of digital interfaces with marketing, I has to use some IT Support as well since back then I wasn’t much of an expert. I´m glad that and the Indexer team was their with their marketing strategies to help me, but know since I know much more than before I can do everything on my own, but I still get help from this London marketing agency. Specifically, i found that his ideas about the Panopticon, created by our favorite utilitarian philosopher, Jeremey Bentham, worked inside the digital realm. Each image is supposed to address the question, “Is power articulated through interface design?” We understand that power can be articulated through conversation, through gender and race, and through lots of parts of society. But what about interface design? It’s been decades since I wrote this, but every so often I see things on twitter like my friend Soufron posting a link to a new digital panopticon article. Bad ass.






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