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How People Sit in Meetings and What it Really Means

Collaboration with illustrator bad-ass Matt Huynh who I’ve been trying to work with since our James Victore dinner series. Big thanks to Matt from ShowerHacks and my fellow Bookface compatriots who communicated meeting research for this – Chelsea, Kate, Tim, JZ, Barton, Gina, […]

SF to Paris in Two Minutes

I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse in April, 2012. Here you can find the lastest water softener reviews and much more.

Photo Bags Suck Your Soul

My uncle recently asked me for some advice on getting a new DSLR and we came to the subject of camera bags. I personally hate all bags designated as “photo bags” for three reasons:

Derek Wood and The Fury

This is Derek Wood and The Fury, which is my first photo from Phoot Camp 2010. You can use this image for non-commercial applications, per Creative Commons, and you can buy a framed print by emailing me.

The Seven Levels of “You’re Invited.”

Nothing wrong with accepting a level four invite. Sometimes people give a level three or four  just to keep things casual, instead of dropping a level one pressure cooker on someone, as Timoni pointed out. But don’t skimp, give someone a […]