The Seven Levels of “You’re Invited.”

Nothing wrong with accepting a level four invite. Sometimes people give a level three or four  just to keep things casual, instead of dropping a level one pressure cooker on someone, as Timoni pointed out. But don’t skimp, give someone a Level One invite today. Oh, and did I miss any?

Level 1) I’ll only go to this thing if you’ll go with me. – Sir Grubb

Level 2) I’m going to this thing and I’d love it if you came too.

Level 3) We’re going to this thing. Wanna come too?

Level 4) We’re going to this thing. You should totally go (you shouldn’t).

Level 5) You’re welcome to join.

Level 6) I have to check with so and so, but I guess you can come. – Jay Zombie

Level 6a) We might have room for you, I’m just not totally sure. Things are so crazy I’ll definitely let you know, though.

Level 7) Just find me on Foursquare.

  • Anonymous

    Good point josh! I updated. Is that better?

  • I thought it was going from less invited to more invited, but level 4 and 5 seem to go back to less invited. I wish I was bored enough to write shit like that.

  • boltronic

    Good point sir. I updated. Is that better?

  • jonathan

    0) I'll only go to this thing if you'll come with me.

  • boltronic


  • jayzombie

    I'm going to this thing. What's that? Can you come? I guess I can ask…

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  • McLovin

    “your ex is throwing multiple giant 200 person+ debaucherous parties and all your friends, literally all of us are invited, wanna go? oh wait, you're not invited? you're like the _only_ person i know who didn't get invited, wanna go anyway? nobody will notice” (don't do it!)

  • gerard

    taking #2 a bit further's a txt messages convo from earlier today:

    me: what are you up to next thursday night?
    her: i dunno! what's going on?
    me: I'm taking you out. It's going to be a fun night. Don't make plans!
    her: that sounds awesome! have a friend in town, so need help showing her a good time. What are we all doing? 😀

  • aubs

    Level -1: “If you don't go to this with me, I'll kill myself.” (Said most effectively if listening to The Smiths and smathering on Kiehl's Avocado eye cream. Not that I've ever dated anyone like that. Nope. Not me.)

  • What about inviting yourself? What level is that?

  • boltronic

    It's level awesome. But I think you'd have to actually invite another person to make it an actual invitation, right? I like you chutzpah though DKR.

  • Yes, all seems good now!

  • Craig

    I'll gonna go to this thing and it's happenin', I'll text you.

  • Csnyder

    8) I'm going to this thing, but there's probably no reason for both of us to go.

  • boltronic

    That is such a good one Carolyn. Wow. It's so cold. I love it. It's basically an un-invitation.

  • Ritu

    Very interesting. Technically and as a Language Action Perspective Snob. All of them are Offers, with varying degree’s of relationship.

    Level 1, is a complete Offer – Will you go to this, with a qualifier will go if you go.
    Level 2, is really a Request, disguised as an Offer (we do it a lot to sound nice, and not pushy
    Level 3-level 7 — are non-committal Offers.

    Its a very interesting study of language.

  • Howard Seth Cohen

    None of these are examples of actual invitations. Invitations come in the mail, with a pre stamped rsvp card.

  • Kshama Nagaraja

    What about when you’re not told about the thing by the organiser but invited by the people who’re going

  • Kshama Nagaraja

    Such as “You should come to this thing that so and so is hosting/organizing. We’re all going”. I think it’s Level 8