Everglades Camping on the Southern Most Tip of The Continental US

Everglades Camping on the Southern Most Tip of The Continental US, originally uploaded by boltron-.


  1. Flickr: JohnApix

    I am in awe. Love it.

  2. Flickr: MrZuffenhausen

    Very beautiful, good music choice.

  3. Flickr: deshakalyan


  4. Flickr: boltron-

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/seannyk] this time I set it manually and just changed it around dawn, but since then I’ve used Aperture priority

  5. Flickr: Rob-Keller

    Amazing! Love he apparent movement of the stars

  6. Flickr: snippets_from_suburbia

    So beautiful!

  7. Flickr: moira em

    this is so perfect

  8. Flickr: Nathan.Flickr

    Nice work!

  9. Flickr: rupertcheek

    amazing, beautiful combination of images and music :)

  10. Flickr: jujuju2910

    Oh…toi rat thik

  11. Flickr: Syeee

    wow! love the stars!

  12. Flickr: albinohawk73

    That is really awesome! It was perfect! The sky, the fire, the composition, …everything! Great job!

  13. Flickr: yamirbernal

    Espectacular, muy muy bueno!

  14. Flickr: ndmelgin75

    Absoloutely beautiful.

  15. Flickr: T-K-D

    fantastic work

  16. Flickr: mrsmesser1

    This is beautiful very special indeed

  17. Flickr: Andy 1979


  18. Flickr: LastChance79


  19. Flickr: uva rossa

    this is what beauty is all about – and music is part of it, well done to cousin Kristen :)

    how tiny we are compared to the world!

  20. Flickr: foomt117

    did u see how the "star" bends at 60 deg? ufo?

  21. Flickr: Hannah~Banana

    this time lapse has me in awe, the light the music… amazing :) really brightened up my day! thank you!

  22. Flickr: ·.Constanza Sepúlveda.!.·♠

    Espectacular!! demasiado maravilloso!!

  23. Flickr: manucerimedo

    How did you slow down the opturacion when it became day? Manually?

  24. Flickr: Overdaforest

    Fantastic !

  25. Flickr: Kalai Sukanta

    and the sound too..

  26. Flickr: pete_tography

    This is superb! Fantastic piece, just been watching it over and over again!!

  27. Flickr: reneab

    beautiful work, Nate! the temperature explains no jerks to swat mosquitos! Love, love natural Florida!

  28. Flickr: holloway steve


  29. Flickr: NiteCritr

    Found your video while looking for How To’s on timelaspe. Very nice vand thanks for sharing!

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