Charlene Wyatt

Charlene has been my neighbor for the last two years, and I’ve been listening to her sing every now and then, because, well, the entire neighborhood can hear her sing.


But until today I never knew where the singing was coming from. I’ve been tweeting some of her lyrics over the years, I think she is awesome, and I finally got the chance to meet her today. I wanted to post this to share with other folks how interesting her perspective on life is. I hope it’s not perceived as exploitative or condescending to post this – I really feel inspired and look at things a little differently when I hear her. It’s easy to dismiss what she says as just crazy rambling, but I think there’s something totally effing awesome about the way she talks and sings.

Some more quotes I overheard from a song 6 months ago. CHORUS: “thank you jesus. now get your fat ass up bitch. yeah that’s the way I talk to god, you got a problem with it?! thank you jeeeeesus (singing) oh yeah.”

“I got confused and thought yesterday was sunday. QUITE A DAY. Give a cut to jesus!”