Berlin by Drone

Spent a week in Berlin for April Mistakes, and decided to bring the small non-weaponized drone, Lucy II, to shoot some things. Collaborated with master Gene of Orange PhotographyMichael Owens, Beto, Victoria, Jambi, and Geri-Ayn, to make these happen. Thanks to everyone for such a fun time in Berlin and a fantastic collaboration. Some stills below:




The esteemed Nuzz came up with an idea to do light painting with the drone a few weeks ago, and we finally got the chance to that in Berlin as well:





v _XH_1028 IMG_0708 IMG_0097

All images are copyright 2013 Nate Bolt – contact me for permission to use them.


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  1. Andi H.

    Your mouse cursor is showing in part of the video…. That’s not that big of an issue but it’s kinda unnerving…

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